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Federally Insured Cash Account 

FICA consists of a series of electronically linked federally insured deposit accounts. Deposits in FICA are liquid, earning same-day credit on purchases and providing next-day liquidity on redemptions with no transaction fees or redemption gates. Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, deposits in FICA have no price volatility, credit, counterparty or market risk. FICA seeks to provide a competitive yield spread over treasury and government money market funds and direct government securities.

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Benefits of Using FICA

  • Absolute Safety

    FICA deposits are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. FICA has no credit or counterparty risk.

  • Convenient Liquidity

    FICA provides access to your cash when you need it with next day liquidity and no redemption gates.

  • Competitive Yield

    FICA strives to provide competitive yield spreads over treasury and government funds, and treasury securities.

Institutional Cash Account (ICA®)

ICA® provides treasurers access to highly rated and money fund eligible banks via a single, convenient account. Developed in response to the changing regulatory environment that has forced many banks to seek a new source of funding, ICA® enables you to have funds with only those banks which meet your investment policy requirements.

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Bulk Insured Deposit Services (BIDS)

We provide asset/liability consulting to a number of non-depository administrators seeking pass through FDIC insurance for large cash balances resulting from many underlying client accounts. By serving as an asset/liability consultant to the administrator, StoneCastle Cash Management helps to match the funding needs of potential depository banks with the treasury management needs of the administrator.  In addition, we conduct credit analysis and perform other diligence and advisory tasks on potential depository banks on behalf of our clients.

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