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QualiFICAtion for Higher Education

StoneCastle Cash Management continues to expand the adoption of its Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA®) through college and university treasury professionals that are seeking ways to potentially enhance the performance and credit quality of cash portfolios. Given this success, StoneCastle wants to give back by supporting what makes higher education institutions great…their students!

For each college or university that opens a FICA® account, StoneCastle will pay an extra 2 basis points (.02%) on the account’s 6-month average daily balance as a scholarship donation to your institution (criteria below).


  • Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA®)

    Federally insured up to $100 million per entity and next day liquidity.

  • For Your School

    Scholarship donation of 2 bps (.02%) of your average daily FICA balance over a 6-month period with a 100% discretion over allocation of funds.

  • For Your Students

    Whether donated funds are used for scholarships, capital projects or whatever you choose, students can benefit from a richer collegiate experience.


    • Deposits into FICA® receive a 2 bps allocation to a scholarship fund to be paid out to your school in 6-months
    • 6-month time frame begins on the date of the initial FICA® deposit and ends 6 calendar months later (if the end date falls on a weekend or holiday, the end date will be the last business day before the weekend or holiday)
    • 2bps will be calculated on the average daily FICA® balance over the 6-month timeframe
    • StoneCastle will maintain the accumulated interest recordkeeping on the account, which will be paid out by the custodian at the end of the 6 months (does not get paid out with normal monthly FICA® accrued interest postings).
    • Minimum average daily balances for 6 months must equate to at least $5,000,000 for the scholarship/donation to be awarded ($1,000 scholarship/donation)
    • Maximum average daily balances for 6-months is $100,000,000 ($20,000 scholarship/donation)

For balances in excess of $ 50 million, or to obtain the most current yield, please call 866-343-5516. Current yield and maximum deposit insurance coverage is indicative for FICA and may change without notice. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Interest rate earned may vary within a particular program based on the size of the account balance and introducing party.



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