Fixed Income Investors

Delivering Diversified and Consistent Fixed Income Returns

We recognize that investors often have different objectives, including duration, liquidity and investment format. Our investment platform was developed to match investor needs and deliver unique and diversified source of fixed income return.

Fund Management

StoneCastle Advisors, LLC manages private funds that deliver fixed income returns across a variety of special situation, value oriented and private credit opportunities. These strategies are tailored to meet the investment needs and objectives of individual or small groups of investors. Some of the strategies within our private fund sleeve include high credit quality bank credit, traditional and esoteric corporate credit, asset-backed credit, and private and public bank equity.

StoneCastle Asset Management LLC is the external adviser for StoneCastle Financial Corp. (NASD:BANX), a closed-end investment company that primarily invests in community banks with the goal of providing diversified stable current income to retail investors. Listed in 2013, BANX is the only public investment that provides diversified fixed income exposure to the community bank sector.

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Institutional Debt

StoneCastle and its principals have over two decades in structuring and arranging institutional debt transactions on behalf of institutional investors. Rated debt backed by diversified pools of community banks can provide institutional debt investors, such as insurance companies and pension funds, with an investment that has an investment grade rating and greater market liquidity.