Fixed Income Investors

By Design,
Our Focus
Is Our Strength

StoneCastle and its subsidiaries provide access to fixed income investments that are informed by the insights, innovations and process driven strategies developed and managed by our deep bench of investment professionals.

About StoneCastle Partners
Founded in 2003, StoneCastle Partners is one of America’s largest asset management firms dedicated to the U.S. banking sector and a recognized cash management leader for institutional investors. With over $12 billion in assets, StoneCastle and its subsidiaries offer solutions that address the needs of community banks as well as the investment community.

StoneCastle is headquartered in New York, NY.

Strategic Partners
StoneCastle is employee owned and managed with backing from two world-class financial partners with deep experience in asset management and financial services.

Charlesbank Capital Partners
An established private equity firm with a consistent track record, disciplined investment strategy and long-standing commitment to the middle market

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Ranked strongest of the major banks (publicly traded) in Canada and North America by Bloomberg Markets magazine, CIBC is a leading investment bank focused on research, innovation and deep collaboration.

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Diversification Through Breadth and Depth


Key Executives
  • Joshua S. Siegel
    Joshua S. Siegel
    Managing Partner, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, StoneCastle Partners, LLC
  • George Shilowitz
    George Shilowitz
    Partner, Board Member & Co-Chief Executive Officer, StoneCastle Partners, LLC
  • Ricardo Viloria
    Ricardo Viloria
    Director, StoneCastle Partners, LLC