Financial Intermediaries

FICA For Advisors

FICA For Advisors is an independent, high-yield, federally insured cash account that enables advisors to capture and protect client wealth.  The combination of its high levels of FDIC insurance, competitive rate, and liquidity helps advisors fulfill their fiduciary responsibility in presenting a cash solution that uniquely addresses their HNW clients’ savings/investing cash needs.

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FICA Impact

FICA Impact is one of the first cash solutions designed to address individuals and organizations’ growing need for impact solutions. FICA For Impact seeks to safely generate a competitive yield on cash balances while maintaining high levels of FDIC insurance and leveraging the community banking system to drive small business lending and community reinvestment in all 50 states.

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InterLINKTM Insured Deposits

InterLINK Insured Deposits, is a federally insured cash sweep program that can seamlessly integrate within your clients’ brokerage accounts and provide them with daily liquidity, millions of dollars in insurance coverage, and a competitive rate of return on their cash. Cash within InterLINK Insured Deposits—including deposits, dividends, and settlement proceeds—is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, which inherently decreases enterprise risk, and eliminates market risk on your clients’ idle balances.

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CashSuiteSM is a comprehensive cash management solution designed to help firms optimize revenue, attract AUM and enhance client value. CashSuiteSM helps to elevate the power of cash by deliberately differentiating transactional and savings/investing cash.

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Benefits For You

  • Risk Management

    Insured accounts can reduce enterprise level risk, eliminate clients’ market risk on cash balances, and enable you to focus more on growing and protecting client wealth.

  • High Levels of FDIC Insurance

    StoneCastle has active relationships with more than 800 qualified banks resulting in the industry’s highest level of FDIC insurance availability, supporting the needs of large clients while reducing reliance on money funds.

  • Favorable Economics

    Program efficiencies enable StoneCastle to pass value to financial intermediary clients with attractive pricing options that can be immediately accretive to revenue regardless of InterLINK Insured Deposits becoming, replacing, or diversifying your existing sweep program.

Benefits For Your Clients

  • Safety

    Client cash balances, up to the program maximum, are insured and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, providing absolute safety compared to uninsured money market mutual funds.

  • Liquidity

    Cash balances are fully accessible on a daily basis for trading opportunities, withdrawals, or transfers with no restrictions or limitations.

  • Yield

    Insured deposits decrease overall portfolio risk while generating a highly competitive yield compared to money funds and other insured sweep programs.