Depository Institutions

A dedicated partner to the community bank industry.

Banks are the Core of Our Business

  • Deposit Funding

    Through FICA® Funding Network, billions have been deposited in 800+ banks in all 50 states.

  • Balance Sheet Liquidity

    Our FICA® | For Banks program provides banks with an efficient, no-fee balance sheet liquidity tool.

  • Direct Capital Investments

    We have a proven track record, with management closing 250+ bank capital investments totaling $3.7 billion prior to the formation of StoneCastle and 230+ bank capital investments totaling $2.5 billion thereafter.

Our Solutions

StoneCastle was founded to build a bridge between two large financial markets—institutional investors and the $3 trillion community banking industry—by recognizing opportunities for the institutional markets via funding, liquidity and capital solutions for community banks.

Industry Insights

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