Cash Sweep Funding

Banks have immediate access to stable, competitively priced retail deposits


The sources of funds are clients of brokerages, clearing firms, RIAs, trust platforms and other financial intermediaries. Investor cash balances from deposits, trade settlement, and interest accrual, are “swept” daily into multiple FDIC insured banks in increments of up to $250,000 per tax ID per bank, enabling clients to receive high levels of FDIC insurance while providing network banks with a consistent source of funding through all market cycles.

StoneCastle enables your bank to be a part of one of the largest and dependable funding networks in the country, which may be a solution for:

  • Controlling your cost of funds
  • Avoiding re-pricing of your existing deposit base
  • Funding available from $25 million and up


  • Access to efficient, stable, and reliable retail deposits
  • Diversification of funding: Bank can participate in more than one funding platform

  • Only provider with AAAkf rating
  • Strategic balance sheet & liquidity management tool
  • Limited monthly transactions and back office support
  • No need to post collateral
  • One money market account

StoneCastle Funding Programs

Non-Contractual rate and funding level
(your bank controls the rate and amount)

Contractual rate and funding level

Bulk, contractual, flexible terms
(for highly rated banks)

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Bruce Hinkle
Vice President, Bank Sales 
Tel: 347-887-0364